How to Enjoy Vegas Without Feeling Like You’ve Left New York

HLB3.jpegNew York is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities in the world. It claims some of the nation’s favorite landmarks — the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square — and is essentially the hub of American trade and culture. However, one thing New York doesn’t have is Las Vegas — but Las Vegas certainly has New York.

The New York-New York Casino and Hotel is one of the best destinations in Vegas because it boasts all the amenities of the Big Apple in the middle of the Nevada desert. If you desire a Las Vegas vacation but can’t stand the thought of leaving your beloved NYC, here’s how to get a true experience without feeling like you’ve completely left your favorite city.


To make you feel at home, most of the room packages available in the hotel are named after iconic New York locations. For example, Park Avenue is the standard room, with plush king or queen beds and space to spare; alternatively, the Madison Avenue is a deluxe option with even more luxury built into the spacious area. Plus, unlike the real city, rooms in the New York-New York Hotel are priced exceptionally low for their location on the Strip, which means you may actually save money by going on vacation outside NYC.


New York City is a shopper’s delight — and the same can be said for New York-New York Las Vegas. Sweet lovers cannot miss Hershey’s Chocolate World, where you can find more than 800 different varieties of Hershey’s candies as well as fresh baked goods and interactive exhibits on Hershey’s history. This store is only in a small handful of cities around the world — and luckily enough, you can find it right outside New York-New York, Las Vegas.

After you recharge, you can devote yourself to the wealth of other shopping around New York. A handful of boutiques like Zumanity and SoHo Shop can cater to your fashion needs, but if you have a serious need for retail therapy, you can descend to the mezzanine level where you can find a plethora of other stores.


If you haven’t filled up on delectable Hershey’s treats, Vegas’s New York has some of the best dining experiences around — much like the real city. In fact, there are more than 14 different eateries within the Hotel and Casino compound, so you can happily dine on different fare every meal of every day during your stay. While there are quite a few quintessential Vegas restaurants in the bunch, you’ll likely be able to stave off homesickness by eating at any of the following New York joints:

  • Shake Shack. This East Coast staple for quick and delicious burgers, fries, and frozen custard has finally made its way west. In fact, this newly opened Vegas outpost of New York’s favorite burger shop is the only one of its kind for hundreds of miles.
  • Nathan’s Hot Dogs. This Coney Island original is now totally global, which makes it easier than ever for a New Yorker to grab a savory dog outside the city. You can grab your favorite hot dog — mustard and relish, no ketchup, right? — or try something new at the best hot dog stand in the world.
  • New York Pizzeria. While New Yorkers recognize that their city is best at just about everything, the rest of the world isn’t going to argue when it comes to pizza. Something in the water makes the crust come out just right, and New York chefs know what it takes to make the perfect sauce. However, this pizzeria in the middle of Las Vegas can match a New York chef pepperoni for pepperoni, which is why you must grab a slice here.


More than anything else, it is New York New York’s attractions that make it the perfect amalgamation of NYC and Las Vegas. Coney Island is renowned as one of the oldest amusement parks in the nation, and New York Hotel and Casino is recognized as one of the first destinations in Vegas to feature thrilling experiences to match the coasters and rides in east Brooklyn.

In fact, New York’s Big Apple Coaster is the world’s first to “heartline” twist and dive, which rotates passengers 180 degrees during travel at breakneck speeds; it should be no surprise the coaster’s cars are made to resemble New York taxi cabs. If that isn’t enough heart-pounding action, right next door to the coaster is the Big Apple Arcade, where kids of all ages can enjoy the latest and greatest video and arcade games all day and night.

For more adult fun, the New York Casino beckons with games to suit any sensibility. Hundreds of table games, including all types of poker as well as blackjack, craps, baccarat, and roulette, mix with thousands of slot machines to create a gambler’s paradise. Certainly, this quality entertainment isn’t available anywhere in the big city — unless you come to Las Vegas.

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4 Amazing American Tributes to Hershey’s Chocolate

hershey9.jpegHershey’s Chocolate may be an American company, but it is a worldwide phenomenon. Hershey’s is beloved by everyone, which is why the company has placed its celebrated stores all over the globe for universal enjoyment. Still, Hershey’s rewards its first — and favorite fans — in America with four fantastic Hershey’s Chocolate World locations around the country. The next time you are planning a road trip, make it a sweet one by seeing the unique Hershey’s attractions in each one of these marvelous cities.

1. Las Vegas, United States

The newest member of the Hershey’s Chocolate World family, the Las Vegas site is excited to provide a sweet retreat for world’s travelers. With an excellent location adjacent to New York-New York Hotel and Casino, this chocolate paradise is full of more than 800 different Hershey’s products — including the candies you love, as well as baked goods made fresh daily. The new Chocolate World is two stories totaling 13,000 square feet filled with chocolaty, sugary goodness. The Las Vegas Hershey’s Chocolate World is currently the first and only Hershey’s store on the West Coast.

While the mouth-watering Bake Shoppe is a must-visit, there are several other delectable features in the store. Two walls devoted to every imaginable variety and flavor of Hershey’s Kisses and Jolly Ranchers are ripe for the picking, while the Reese’s Perfect Combination attraction dares you to tinker with Reese’s perfect formula of milk chocolate and peanut butter. Before you leave, you must see the fantastic chocolate statues commemorating the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building — a salute to the store’s neighboring hotel and casino, where plenty of other Las Vegas thrills await.

2. Chicago, Illinois

You’ll find the Midwest’s own chocolate wonderland on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, surrounded by 13 blocks of more than 460 stores and 275 restaurants. Hershey’s Chocolate World in Chicago delivers on the deep history and proud culture Milton Hershey began building more than a century ago. Children and adults alike delight in the ample learning opportunities available at this location. Chicago has significant importance for Hershey’s Chocolate Company, as it was at the 1893 World’s Fair that Milton Hershey was inspired to begin making chocolate. You can learn about the brilliance and innovation of the early days at Hershey right in the store. Then, you can don a Hershey’s factory worker cap and ID badge to learn about how Hershey’s treats, like Kisses and Reese’s, are made.

Once you’ve learned the facts, you can truly enjoy the treats. This location, like most others, has an outstanding bakery with novel and delectable freshly baked sweets, as well as the opportunity to pour your own bags of Hershey’s candies to achieve the perfect mix.

3. New York City, New York

It might be hard for other businesses to stand out amongst the glitz and glamour of Times Square, but Hershey’s Chocolate World has no problem attracting attention. This outpost of Hershey’s Chocolate World is devoted to personalization and experimentation, where travelers and citizens of New York City can make candies that are all their own. You can wrap your own Hershey’s bars and treats with personal touches like photos and messages to family and friends — then you can buy the same loved ones their own bundle of sweets and Hershey’s-related souvenirs.

One of the most popular attractions in Times Square Hershey’s Chocolate World is Hershey’s Happiness, where chocolatiers and confectioners exhibit Hershey’s new and exciting candy creations. If crowds in America’s biggest city approve of the treats, it’s likely you’ll see them in your hometown grocery store soon enough.

4. Hershey, Pennsylvania

hershey10.jpegThere is perhaps no better place to see and experience Hershey’s chocolate than where it all began: Hershey, Pennsylvania. This first and greatest Hershey’s Chocolate World has dozens of unique features and attractions that draw chocolate and candy lovers in droves. There are so many goodies to eat and exhibits to explore; you might even have to come back for a second day. Here’s what’s waiting for you in Hershey, Pennsylvania:

  • The Great American Chocolate Tour. On this 30-minute ride, you will travel from the jungle to the factory and learn exactly how Hershey’s chocolate is made. A delight for all the senses — including smell and taste! — this ride will make you ready for more Hershey’s.
  • Hershey’s Great Chocolate Factory Mystery in 4D. This theater extravaganza will have you on the edge of your seat, as you work with on-screen characters to collect clues and solve the chocolate caper. Believe it or not, there are more than 100 variations of the show’s plot, so you can see it over and over and still be stumped!
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Tasting Adventure. Chocolate is a subtle and complex flavor, so Hershey’s employs countless chocolate experts to help the company find the highest quality cocoa and best combinations for its candies. At this attraction, you’ll work alongside the experts to learn about chocolate from beginning to end and begin understanding what makes chocolate taste so good.

Besides these, you can indulge in absolutely any of your favorite Hershey’s sweets, from Almond Joys to Kit-Kats, and explore the rest of the town that Milton Hershey built.

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13 Candy Bars You Didn’t Know Are Made by Hershey’s

HLV1.jpegHershey’s is America’s longest-lived and inarguably most successful candy company, but since the company’s explosion in the market at the turn of the century, many other candy makers have flooded stores with candies and treats.

Although Hershey’s chocolate bars are widely recognized — after all, who can resist that iconic brown and white packaging — many of our other signature sweets are perhaps not as recognizable. For a novel and unique Hershey’s experience, look out for these terrific tastes, and remember that if you can’t find them near you, you can head to Hershey’s Chocolate World in Las Vegas to access over 800 distinct Hershey’s candies in one convenient (and thrilling!) location.

1. Almond Joy and Mounds

These two related treats are remembered for their gooey, sweet coconut inside and decadent chocolate outside. Almond Joys are topped with a crunchy whole almond and milk chocolate, while Mounds are unique for their dark chocolate covering.

2. York Peppermint Patties

Refreshing and satisfying, York Peppermint Patties consist of a bright, sweet peppermint filling inside a thin, luscious dark chocolate shell. These simple treats are good on their own, but they can easily be adapted for use in various recipes.

3. PayDay

Hershey’s may have become famous for its chocolate, but Milton Hershey initially became successful from his caramel. The PayDay bar is a tribute to those humble beginnings, as it contains a thick slab of caramel surrounded by crunchy, filling peanuts.

4. Kit Kat

Widely known for their catchy jingle, Kit Kat bars combine the lightness of sweet wafer cookies with the creaminess of chocolate. Plus, as the jingle explains, Kit Kats are easily broken apart and shared with friends — though you may not want to do so.

5. Mr. Goodbar

One of the first candy bar creations to come out of Milton Hershey’s kitchens, Mr. Goodbar has been produced by Hershey’s since 1908. Perhaps its longevity is due to the bar’s pleasant simplicity: thick Hershey’s milk chocolate containing thick pieces of raw peanuts. The treat is crunchy and creamy, salty and sweet, which is the epitome of a satisfying candy bar.

6. Krackel

The Krackel bar is made up of milk chocolate embedded with crispy puffed rice, as it was in its initial run during the early 20th century. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Krackel bar also contained almonds and peanuts to give the treat an added crunchiness, but wartime shortages during World War II necessitated the removal of these extra ingredients. Today, sweet lovers are happy to enjoy Krackel in its original, pristine form.

HLv2.jpeg7. The Whatchamacallit

So unique its creators failed to come up with an appropriate name, the Whatchamacallit bar is a peanut butter-crunch filling, topped with caramel and covered in a thick layer of milk chocolate. In recent years, Hershey’s released a limited edition sister bar called the Thingamajig, which contained cocoa crisps and more milk chocolate inside the candy. Whatchamacallit fans eagerly await the Thingamajig’s eventual return.

8. Take 5

While those who enjoy this relatively new candy might assume its name comes from Hershey’s desire to provide hard workers with a sweet and satisfying break, in reality, the Take 5 bar is named after the five ingredients it contains: milk chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, peanuts, and pretzels. In Canada, this bar was once named Max 5.

9. Heath

The first candy bar to unite the flavors of rich chocolate and buttery toffee, Heath first appeared on the market in 1914. Since then, Heath has become a phenomenon around the world, and the bar is often used in countless other sweet treats, like ice cream, cookies, and more.

10. Skor

The odd name and stark packaging of the Skor bar set it apart from the rest of Hershey’s candy line, but the high quality and unique taste of the chocolate bar mark Skor as a decidedly Hershey’s product. Skor bars consist of thin sheets of buttered toffee thickly coated with milk chocolate. Bafflingly named after the Swedish word for “shoe,” Skor bars were originally introduced to compete with Heath. However, now Hershey’s owns both and the bars’ subtle differences make them both beloved members of the Hershey’s family.

11. Dagoba Chocolate

Because it is so beloved, chocolate is a contentious crop that can create tension in regions where it is widely grown. Hershey’s is committed to providing its fans the best chocolate experience possible while supporting chocolate growers around the world. This is why Hershey’s has introduced Dagoba chocolate bars, which are made of 100-percent organic fair trade chocolate.

12. 5th Avenue Bar

The 5th avenue is a milk chocolate-coated crunchy, peanut-buttery bar. Though the 5th Avenue isn’t one of Hershey’s best-selling bars, it has made a handful of appearances popular shows and movies, including “Seinfeld” and “Stargate.”

13. ZERO Bar

Another Hershey’s mainstay that doesn’t rely on the company’s famous milk chocolate, the ZERO bar instead is made of caramel-drizzled peanut and almond nougat dipped in rich white fudge. The white chocolate shell is unique for most candy bars, which is what makes ZERO so memorable among candy fans.

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Amazing Holiday Happenings in Las Vegas

12_18_13_caesars_rink_kabik-71-570While visiting Las Vegas this holiday season, be sure to check out some of these unique and exciting destinations:

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Guests visiting the amazing Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens will enter into an incredible winter wonderland that features a dazzling 42-foot tall tree, thousands of lights, poinsettias, and white carnations, 12-foot tall snow globes, and other beautiful holiday decorations. There is no fee to view the display and live holiday performances happen nightly.

Caesar’s Chalet Holiday Ice Rink

For some outdoor holiday fun, stop by the Caesar’s Chalet Holiday Ice Rink in front of Caesar’s Palace and skate on top of the beautiful outdoor fountain. This exciting attraction offers skaters food and beverages and skate rentals are also available.

Winter PARQ

Located at The LINQ Hotel & Casino, Winter PARQ is a unique holiday activity where visitors have the chance to slide down a thrilling 30-foot tall snow hill. The LINQ also features a beautiful promenade that will put visitors in the holiday spirit with amazing retail, dining, and entertainment options, holiday carollers, and real snowflakes falling every half hour.

A Hasty History of Hershey’s

hershey5.jpegThe Hershey’s Company is undeniably America’s favorite chocolate maker, but not many Hershey’s fans know the truth about the candy giant’s humble beginnings. Here’s how Milton Hershey and his company revolutionized the world of candy.

A Confectioner’s Slow Start

Milton Hershey always knew he wanted to make candy. Coming from a poor family, Hershey couldn’t afford formal schooling of any kind, which is why as a teenager he completed a four-year apprenticeship with a master confectioner. In 1878, Hershey struck out on his own by founding his first candy company in a Philadelphia suburb — only to see his fledgling enterprise fail after six years of hard work.

Too dedicated to be defeated, Hershey moved to Denver, where he completed another apprenticeship with a confectioner specializing in caramels. Armed with this new knowledge, Hershey began another business in none other than New York City, the city of dreams, where he once again found only collapse. Feeling less spring in his step, Hershey nevertheless returned to Philadelphia in 1886, where he began his third endeavor: the Lancaster Caramel Company.

Utilizing his talents gained from the Denver confectioner, Hershey produced caramels with fresh milk, which gave the candies an unfamiliar and delightful creaminess that people clamored for. Lancaster Caramels were wildly successful, and Hershey was soon running a profitable enterprise that employed more than 1,400 workers and delivered caramels all over the globe.

The Dawn of Chocolate

In all his studies, Hershey had very little experience working with the substance that would earn him his fame: chocolate. However, in 1893, after seeing and tasting chocolate from the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Hershey immediately purchased the appropriate machinery and began applying chocolate coatings to his renowned caramels. Not long after, Hershey founded a company wholly devoted to his chocolate experiment, and proudly, he named it Hershey’s Chocolate Company.

However, Hershey didn’t come out of the gate with his now-legendary milk chocolate. At the time, the recipe for milk chocolate was closely guarded by the Swiss, and it took years of tinkering for Hershey to strike the perfect combination of milk, sugar, and cocoa for his Hershey’s chocolate bar. Because of the public’s exponential demand for everything chocolate, Hershey sold his caramel company in 1900 for a jaw-dropping $1 million to focus his efforts on making excellent chocolate.

The Legacy of Hershey, Pennsylvania

hershey6.jpegHershey’s Chocolate Company grew massive in just a matter of years, and Hershey recognized the need to relocate his factory to meet the impressive demand. In 1903, Hershey broke ground in his birthplace of Derry Church, which would later be renamed Hershey, Pennsylvania in his honor.

Learning from not just his mistakes but the blunders of his fellow businesspeople, Hershey decided to form a community out of his employees — not just a workforce. Thus, in Derry Church, Hershey constructed a finely-tuned infrastructure of housing, schools, churches, and parks to keep his workers happy and healthy. In return, workers at the Hershey’s factory were the best in the business, putting care into their products unlike workers in other industries.

Even today, the Hershey’s Chocolate Company works to provide unprecedented resources to its workers. There are countless recreational spaces around the town, including convention halls, swimming pools, and an amusement park. The company believes in investing in employees’ futures.

A Mixed Bag of Chocolate

hershey8.jpegIn the early days, Hershey found most of his success with his simple chocolate bar, but even in 1896, his company produced more than 114 different products. However, many of these products were also sold by rival companies, so to set himself apart, Hershey began innovating once again. In 1907, Hershey introduced the fantastic Hershey’s Kisses, which are bite-sized chocolates lovingly hand-wrapped in eye-catching silver foil. Hershey also peddled cocoa powder and chocolate syrup for baking, mixing, and drizzling.

Hershey’s wasn’t afraid to experiment with ingredients besides chocolate. In 1925, he introduced the peanut-filled Mr. Goodbar, his first candy bar since his celebrated chocolate bar, and in 1938, Hershey’s found success again with the crisped-rice crunch of the Krackel bar. Former Hershey’s employee Harry Burnett Reese found acclaim with his fantastic peanut butter cup, and Hershey’s was smart to partner with the late confectioner’s company after Reese’s death in 1963.

In the intervening century since Hershey’s Chocolate Company was founded, Hershey and his successors have manipulated chocolate and candy into fantastic creations. With countless novel candy bars and classic variations, Hershey built a chocolate empire, and the superpower that stands today continues to hold its place in American hearts.

An In-Depth Review

If you want more detail about Hershey’s history and product line, head for Hershey’s Chocolate World in Las Vegas, where informational kiosks will fill you in on all the delicious details concerning the creation of Hershey’s and the manufacture of the company’s infamous candy bars.

The Right Ways to Eat a Reese’s

hershey3.jpegReese’s Peanut Butter Cups are some of Hershey’s most treasured chocolaty treats. Though the sweet and salty candies started small in the 1930s as a low-sugar alternative during wartime rations, Hershey’s has adjusted their size, broke them into Reese’s Pieces, and formed them into fantastic shapes. It is no wonder that the company has been proclaiming for years, “There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s.”

In point of fact, this long-held assertion rings absolutely true. After years of research, testers all over the world have found that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups remain enjoyable no matter the method of tasting. For your enjoyment, we have compiled the most popular and incredible ways to eat a standard Reese’s. Whether or not they are the right or wrong way is entirely up to you.

Proper Etiquette

Gentlemen and ladies interested in sampling a delicious Reese’s treat know there is only one way to eat a Reese’s in polite company. Carefully carving out appropriate-sized wedges with a dessert fork and knife, members of high society can continue to look proper while succumbing to the sweet sensations of a peanut butter cup. If you attempt this style, be careful you use the appropriate manners in holding your utensils.

The One-and-Done

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the eager and uninhibited partakers of Reese’s delights generally enjoy eating as much Reese’s as possible in a short amount of time. In this case, simply shoving an entire peanut butter cup into your mouth should suffice.

The Two-Bite Shuffle

Either using your fingers or your teeth, break the peanut butter cup cleanly down the center to make two equal halves. Then, you can enjoy your Reese’s in two separate portions. Many advocates of this style argue that it allows for the perfect balance of peanut butter and chocolate in each bite.

Stripping the Gear

By nibbling around the edge, an industrious diner can effectively remove the dense chocolate ridges from the peanut butter cup, leaving a delectable circle of peanut butter filling and thin chocolate coating. Peanut butter fans are more likely to employ this method, as it provides the highest peanut butter–to-chocolate ratio. This style gained its name because in its most basic form, a Reese’s cup closely resembles a gear wheel, with the ridges from the cup mimicking teeth.

The Daredevil

Adrenaline seekers simply cannot enjoy their candy while they are safe on the ground. Thus, reckless Reese’s aficionados are known to partake in their cups on any and all of their high-flying adventures. You are most likely to catch an example of this style in action on roller coasters and motorcycles, or under parachutes.

Savor Savvy

Some Reese’s admirers purport that the only way to achieve the perfect sweet and salty mixture of peanut butter and chocolate is to allow the cup to melt away completely on the comfort of your tongue. Not only does this method allow samplers to truly relish the Reese’s flavor, but it extends the exciting experience longer than any other style.

Baked, Shaked, and Shimmied

Some people aren’t content with the simple perfection of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and they are always looking for new and better ways a Reese’s can be transformed. Luckily, Reese’s lend themselves perfectly to all manner of alternate creations, from cookies to ice cream to milkshakes. Most recipes are easy enough to follow, but those less confident in the kitchen can experience the baked and shaken delicacies based on Reese’s in Hershey’s Chocolate World.

Smashed Reese’s

Hershey4.jpegOften reserved for the very young or very old, this style requires a sampler to destroy the perfect shape of the peanut butter cup by force. However, by mashing a cup into a pulp, you can swirl the peanut butter and chocolate to your content. Plus, the creamy remains are easily enjoyed by toothless Reese’s fans.

The Lateral Split

Requiring precision and delicate maneuvering, this method has you bisect your precious Reese’s horizontally. Ideally, in the end, you will have two open-faced peanut butter and chocolate sandwiches. More likely, you’ll get frustrated and eat the thing before you achieve perfection.

The Hanging Chad

In an inverse of “Stripping the Gear,” you use your thumbs to carefully punch out the peanut butter center from the chocolate edge. Done properly, this method ensures a circle of milk chocolate with scant peanut butter flavoring. Chocoholics who lack an affinity for peanut butter most often employ this method.


Fanatics in the savoring camp who lack the patience for their mouth to melt their Reese’s treats often use other means to turn their cups into warm and dripping masses. Microwaves and toaster ovens on low settings should achieve the appropriate level of melt, but Reese’s lovers with an air for flare have been known to use hot coals of a campfire to get the right consistency.

7 Best Christmas Gifts for the Hershey’s Fanatic

Hershey1.jpegWe have finally reached full swing in the holiday festivities — twinkling holiday lights adorn every house, tree lots have cropped up in grocery store parking lots, holiday carols are on more than one radio station, and stores countrywide are advertising special holiday prices.

While the holidays bring an unparalleled sense of cheer and goodwill to most folks around the country, they also add a subtle element of stress uncommon during the rest of the year: buying gifts. Finding a personal, meaningful present to give on the most important holiday of the year is no easy task, especially if your loved one is hard to shop for outside of the holidays.

Fortunately, we have the solution for even your toughest recipient: Hershey’s! There is a Hershey’s candy perfect for everyone, which means there is a special Hershey’s gift that everyone will enjoy. Here are some of our favorite Hershey’s-themed gifts for you to take advantage of this holiday season.

1. A Trip to Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey’s Chocolate World can guarantee a no-holds-barred chocolaty experience any day of the year. Your loved one can experiment with Reese’s to find his or her actual perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter, or he or she can fill up bags upon bags of Hershey’s sweets and treats to savor for the rest of the year. With four locations around the country — including the newest one in glitzy, glamorous Las Vegas — and eight total worldwide, there is bound to be a Hershey’s Chocolate World near your recipient.

2. Giant Candy

If you really want to wow your loved one with a gift he or she won’t soon forget, you have to go big. That’s why Hershey’s offers all of their best-selling candies in super sizes. Peanut butter lovers can find themselves drooling over the fantastic one-pound Reese’s cup, and chocolate fans might finally meet their match with a five-pound bar of chocolate. Giant candy is fun and funny; plus, it is completely edible, so your loved ones will be able to partake in their treat once the laughter wears off.

3. Personalized Chocolate

Hershey2.jpegGetting your recipient a gift you know he or she will love may be meaningful enough, but you can always take it a step further by adding even more personal touches to your Hershey’s gift. At every Hershey’s Chocolate World, guests have the opportunity to create their own Hershey’s bar wrapper with unique lettering and photos all their own. You can make several different wrappers commemorating your loved ones to let them know how special they are to you. While the chocolate inside may not last — who can buy a Hershey’s bar without eating it? — the wrapper will be cherished as a keepsake forever.

4. A Hershey’s Cookbook

Anyone with a sweet tooth enjoys eating a variety of sugary treats. When it comes to culinary experimentation, there is no better gift than a cookbook filled with recipes focusing on a person’s favorite ingredients. Hershey’s publishes hundreds of sweet recipes free online, but when it comes to the holidays, you should spare no expense with a true-to-form, hardcover cookbook. There are plenty of options to choose from, so look for items your recipient will want to make: pies, cookies, brownies, cakes, and more.

5. Hershey’s Kitchenware

What better gifts are there to accompany a cookbook than actual usable kitchenware? Hershey’s has a full line of kitchen-specific items perfect for anyone on your list. Here are just a few of the kitchen products available with a Hershey’s twist:

  • Bowls
  • Mugs
  • Ice cream scoops
  • Cookie cutters
  • Aprons
  • And more!

6. Hershey’s Clothing

The biggest fans of anything always want to show off their love to the world, and it is no different with chocolate. At the Hershey store, you can find shirts, bags, socks, and more for men, women, and children. New outfits are some of the most sought-after Christmas gifts, so you can delightfully surprise anyone with a new article of clothing with a sweet spin. Maybe you can even outfit your entire family in Hershey’s merchandise!

7. Hershey’s Décor

Almost everyone has a bit of an interior decorator inside themselves, which is why so many people love receiving fun decorative items during the holidays. Proud candy lovers will absolutely scream over the plethora of Hershey’s accessories that can ornament their homes. Some of the biggest sellers are Hershey’s candles, which can make any room smell like a fresh chocolate cake or warm hot cocoa. Kids and teens particularly like the fuzzy, plush pillows and blankets adorned with their favorite candies’ names. Additionally, if you like to give season-appropriate gifts, Hershey’s has countless ornaments — edible and otherwise — to hang on your holiday trees.

Milton Hershey became rich from his caramels, famous from his chocolate, and beloved for his company’s wide range of gift items. Instead of stressing over what to give your loved ones this year, unwrap a chocolate bar and give everyone something Hershey’s.

Hershey’s Las Vegas Can Help Make Your Holiday Shopping Sweet

NewHersheyCW.jpegThe holiday season has arrived and Hershey’s is here to help you make it a little bit sweeter!

Hershey’s offers a wide selection of delicious chocolate and candy products to set out and enjoy with family and friends this holiday season. Hershey’s Chocolate Bars, Twizzlers, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are among some of the most popular items, and special seasonal treats are also available to give you a taste of the holidays.

And if you’re looking to bake some tasty holiday treats, Hershey’s retails cocoa, chocolate chips, and baking bars that you can incorporate into your favourite recipes. You can also find popular seasonal recipes like Hershey’s Chocolate Cheesecake, Miniature Brownie Cups, Chocolate Mousse and many more recipes.

Hershey’s Chocolate World Las Vegas and the Hershey’s online store also offer unique holiday items that will make gift giving easy and sweet! You can choose between specialty treats and exclusive merchandise that your loved ones are sure to love.

Make this holiday season a happy and delicious one with Hershey’s!

Endless Entertainment at New York New York Hotel & Casino

ny-ny-roller-coasterHershey’s Chocolate World Las Vegas is located inside the amazing New York New York Hotel and Casino, which has a number of exciting amenities and attractions for visitors to check out while in Las Vegas.

Casino: New York New York Casino features 84,000 square feet of space, with more than 1,500 slot machines and 67 gaming tables. The casino features blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, and many more of your gaming favourites.

The Big Apple Coaster and Arcade: To experience high-energy thrills, take a ride on the Big Apple Roller Coaster at New York New York, which features incredible views of the Las Vegas strip and exhilarating loops and drops. Replicas of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor surround the roller coaster, making this amazing ride, with its 144 ft. drop, like no other on the Strip.

Shopping: Make sure to stop by the I Love NYNY store for great souvenirs and gifts, and any items you may need while on your Las Vegas getaway. New York New York also features the popular Swatch watch store, specialty retail store Stupidiotic, Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity Boutique, SoHo Shop, Grand Central Bling Co., and Essentials- a one-stop shop for anything you forgot to pack.

New York New York Hotel and Casino offers a lot in the way of great entertainment, attractions, and amenities, and will provide every guest with an unforgettable Las Vegas hotel and casino experience!


Must-See Shows in Las Vegas

penn_teller21When visiting Las Vegas, make sure to become part of the excitement by booking tickets to one of the many amazing shows and performances happening every night on the Las Vegas Strip. The world-famous Cirque du Soleil has a number of exciting shows currently running, including:

Mystère at Treasure Island: A classic Cirque du Soleil show that explores life’s mysteries through impressive acrobatics and mesmerizing theatrics.

Zumanity at New York New York: A cabaret and burlesque-style show that offers adults a performance of sensational acrobatics and electrifying fun.

The Beatles LOVE at Mirage: An amazing celebration of Beatles music, with energizing aerial performances and dancing set to the music of Britain’s most popular rock band.

To experience some thrilling magic, make sure to check out David Copperfield, one of the world’s most famous illusionists, perform incredible magic for audiences at MGM Grand, or magic duo Pen & Teller, blend edgy comedy with thrilling magic at Rio.

And for other great performances try Blue Man Group’s unique and innovative show at Monte Carlo, a musical journey about Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons in Jersey Boys at Paris, or Absinthe, an impressive acro-cabaret show at Caesars Palace.

All of these shows are sure to leave you entertained and amazed, making them a must-do Las Vegas activity!